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Lords Hot Sauce



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  • Habanero
Heat Level : 5/10
Sweetness of pineapple followed by a habanero kick.  A fruit based hot sauce with the right amount of heat and sweet.

Aloha is an island inspired hot sauce made with a base of pineapple and pear, featuring our fermented habaneros.  With no added sugar, this sauce relies on the sweetness from the fruit and honey. It remains a hot sauce that doesn’t overpower with sweetness.  You will taste the refreshing pineapple followed by a creeping heat.  A balance of flavours that is sure to please.

Ingredients: Pineapple, Apple cider vinegar, Pear, Fermented habanero, Honey, Sea salt, Basil, Mustard powder.

Vegan, gluten free, non GMO, dairy free, local produce

Every order of 2 or more sauces of same-size bottles will automatically be shipped with a custom display box, if available.

Perfect pairing with any fish, pork or poultry dish.  Also amazing with cheese dishes.  

This sauce walks the fine line between sweet and heat.  Using the right amount of pineapple and pears and married with our oak barrel aged habanero peppers the front tasting notes burst with fresh pineapple flavour and slowly leans in with a heat kick. 
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